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Ready for the Digital Transformation? A CIO’s Prescriptive Guide

The buzz: Ring. Ring. Pick up!

Hello, Mr. or Ms. CIO. This is your wake-up call!

Your business, regardless of your industry, will NOT remain materially unchanged by the combined forces of mobile, social, cloud, and analytics, and their impact on business models, business processes, and people inside and outside of your enterprise firewalls.

Why? Welcome to the Digital Transformation (DT) revolution.

How will your company survive?

Start by asking these two questions: What needs to change? How can you get ready for the change?

The experts speak.                                        

Allan Adler, Digital Bridge Partners: “This process of Creative Destruction is the essential fact about capitalism.” (Joseph Schumpeter)

Paul Kurchina, ASUG: “Today, because knowledge is available on every connected device, what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know.” (Dr. Tony Wagner)

Pank Kapur, SAP: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” (Winston Churchill)

Join us for Ready for the Digital Transformation? A CIO’s Prescriptive Guide.

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