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Four Ways Concur Customers Can Benefit from the Expanded Uber Partnership

With ride-sharing on the rise, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our first-of-its-kind partnership and technology integration with Uber!

Through our extended integration, your Concur-connected business will gain visibility into your company’s Uber usage while increasing traveler productivity and satisfaction. Here are four benefits of the expanded partnership for Consumer customers:

1. Significant cost savings on Uber transportation

Our average enterprise customer expenses almost $1m in ground transportation per year, and 7% of that is with Uber. By shifting more spend to Uber, your business can realize hundreds of thousands in savings.

2. Enhancement of duty of care programs

The expanded partnership provides duty of care features only available through the powerful combination of Concur and Uber.

3. Increased traveler productivity and satisfaction

We’ve seen almost 230% growth in Uber transactions in the past year; we expect to see that growth accelerate as more and more business travelers utilize ride-sharing for cost- and time-savings.

4. Free access to Uber for Business

Concur customers will receive automated employee onboarding, policy controls, dashboards for managing spend, and more as a result of our partnership.

Together, Concur and Uber will be able to help companies reduce their ground transportation spend by enabling them to more easily use affordable ridesharing options like uberX.  Look for our extended Uber product integration which will launch in Q4 of 2016 through the Concur App Center.

To learn more, read the press release: Concur and Uber for Business Launch Exclusive Partnership.

This story originally appeared on the Concur Newsroom
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