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How Skullcandy Grew Up With SAP Business ByDesign

Skullcandy is a cutting-edge brand offering headphones, earbuds and Bluetooth speakers for sports and gaming. Like many growing small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), Skullcandy came from humble beginnings.

Now they generate over $250 million in revenue. At the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman caught up with Mark Hopkins, senior director of IT at Skullcandy, and asked him about how they used SAP Business ByDesign to implement such fast growth.

SAP Cloud ERP Solution

Hopkins explained that when they began using SAP Business ByDesign in 2008, they were much smaller, generating around $70 million in billings, and wanted a system that didn’t need a lot of IT infrastructure to manage: “The SAP Cloud ERP solution was really appealing to us. We didn’t need to hire an IT department to run our ERP system.”

International Growth

Today, the company offers a full range of products in 70 countries, and there are several company entities running on SAP. In 2011, Skullcandy issued an IPO, and SAP helped make the process smooth and efficient. Hopkins said, “Using the SAP Business ByDesign solution enabled us to check all the boxes for auditors and IPO requirements.”

Focus on Small and Midsize Business

Is Hopkins surprised SAP is focused on helping small businesses and mid-size companies? He said that SAP has proven to be a long-term value, because when they implemented it in 2008, they had no idea they were going to grow so large. SAP had the capabilities that fostered their rapid growth already built in.

For example, in 2012, when they set up European operations, local language and currency functionality were working on day one. Hopkins said, “It was built into the product from the beginning. It was already there when we needed it.”

Run Simple With SAP

Growing a business in the digital economy isn’t easy. But more than 250,000 small and midsize companies are making it easier by running SAP. With SAP Business ByDesign, companies get everything from ERP and CRM to procurement and supply chain management in a simple cloud solution, from a single provider.

With SAP, companies can streamline processes and boost efficiency across an organization. Users can access insights and analytics from anywhere, making it easier to make instant, yet informed, decisions. They can Run Simple, managing an entire business with a partner they’ll never outgrow, no matter where business takes them.

To learn how Skullcandy used SAP Business ByDesign business management software to grow into a global success, watch a 10-minute Facebook Live interview with Mark Hopkins:

This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.


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