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SAP HANA Certification Guide: Achieving Successful Certification

Associate, specialist, professional. There are three levels of SAP certification for which individuals can qualify.

Rudi de Louw, a South African author and instructor, has just published his SAP HANA Certification Guide, the first book of its kind in the world.

de Louw is a highly experienced SAP HANA instructor with consistently good evaluations from trainees. So he is perfectly placed to share his knowledge of the SAP HANA platform in a study guide for SAP HANA certification candidates.

A Book for Software Developers, Software Architects, Data Scientists

SAP HANA Certification Guide prepares readers for certification as associates, professionals, and specialists in SAP HANA. Associate certification is about mastering SAP HANA concepts and how to use them in projects. It covers the groundwork, and is intended for interested newcomers to the subject. Professional certification is for SAP HANA experts who have already gathered experience in depth on managing and driving related projects. Specialist certification is for people who are already certified experts in some other SAP software field and now wish to learn about SAP HANA and deploy it in that field as well.

So this is in fact a book for developers, database administrators, software architects, data scientists, and specialists in system performance optimization. Subjects the book covers include SAP HANA architecture and deployment, information modeling concepts and tools, SQL and SQLScript, security, and SAP HANA Live.

Rudi de Louw’s Book Cost Him His Sabbatical

At the end of each chapter in the book, De Louw has included a number of key self-test questions taken from the examinations. “I selected more than 200 examination questions,” says De Louw. He also included diagrams and commentaries, “which are really useful,” he adds.

De Louw has been an IT consultant for 17 years, and you can tell he is truly enthusiastic about communicating SAP HANA in a way people understand. He worked on this book for nine months, and it even cost him his sabbatical.

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