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The Digitization of Fandom: Live Sports Meets Live Fans

SAP wins big at The Stadium Business Awards, continuing to reinvent the fan experience and transform the sports and entertainment industry.

The intermission is nearly over. Your beer is empty. And the smell of food taunts you from the next row. You want a refill, and something to eat, but you know the lines will be long, and you don’t want to miss a minute of the game… What do you do?

For sports fans everywhere, this is a recognizable dilemma—but it’s one, among many others, that could soon disappear with a little help from SAP.

Last month, SAP took home the Industry Supplier Award at The Stadium Business Summit at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home to the Real Madrid Football Team, in front of the Champion’s league trophy and a crowd of industry heavyweights. The Stadium Business Summit celebrates leadership, innovation, and achievement in the delivery, operation, and management of sports facilities globally. The award recognizes SAP for its consistent support of the global sports venue industry—an industry SAP continues to disrupt with innovative solutions for stadiums all over the world.  .

The Live Stadium is Here

The stadium is not just a place where fans go to watch their favorite teams play. Rather, it’s an integrated, data-rich hub where people park, walk around, socialize, shop, and more. By leveraging the internet of things and the real-time computing power of SAP HANA, Live Stadium streamlines stadium operations and turns live data into a unique and incredibly personalized fan experience.

Just ask fans of Germany’s Adler Mannheim hockey club. SAP Arena in Mannheim, home to the Adler, is a perfect example of a thriving Live Stadium. A custom app that runs on SAP enables Adler fans to get closer to the team they love. The app not only delivers important team news, it also provides in-game statistics, social media integration, and even allows fans to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for “money can’t buy” opportunities like a tour of the team’s locker room. This high level of connectivity fosters a greater feeling of intimacy between fans and clubs, leading to higher fan satisfaction and better business outcomes. It also satisfies the needs of stadium business stakeholders by streamlining operations, allowing for greater control and convenience, even real time access to revenue numbers during an event.

Live Stadium by SAP represents a paradigm shift in fan, player, and stadium interaction.

Before an event even begins, Live Stadium solutions can consider data from sensors and external sources—such as weather information, turnstiles, and parking garage devices—to predict fan movement and optimize traffic flow and parking. During the event, heatmapping technology can identify areas of congestion within the stadium—both for fans to avoid and stadium workers to respond to. After the event, geo-location services can provide fans with individualized offerings incentivizing them to stay in the stadium, instead of adding to the traffic outside. A single, seamless travel experience can also be configured that directs fans to the best public transportation options and exit routes.

Bringing together thousands of people under one roof is a difficult undertaking. But with Live Stadium solutions, the experience can be made simple for fans and stadiums alike. For SAP it was an honor to take home the prestigious Stadium Business award and it serves as validation to how complete and unique our offering is for the sports and entertainment industry.

via SAP News Center

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