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FLYERALARM Triples Employee Learning While Reducing HR Processes by 25%

Innovation, customer focus and super-motivated employees have propelled FLYERALARM to the top of the marketing services and printed products industry in Europe.

Now this cutting edge ecommerce company, headquartered in Wurzburg, Germany, is digitalizing and simplifying human resources for even greater working efficiencies and a revitalized culture. Using SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the company decreased human resources (HR) administrative efforts by 25 percent while providing access to three times more training courses for employees — all in a matter of months.

“The SAP SuccessFactors solutions enabled us to increase transparency and flexibility in our goal, performance, and learning management processes. They have formed the foundation for our e-learning courses,” said Dr. Julia Weikamp, HR Development at FLYERALARM.

Highly motivated and well-trained employees have been central to FLYERALARM’s business model since this “inventor of online printing” was founded in 2002. In order to maintain high quality standards as well as growth, FLYERALARM needed an innovative, future-oriented HR strategy aligning the respective objectives of its 2,000 employees with the business goals of the company. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, along with SAP SuccessFactors Learning solutions met the company’s demands for user friendliness and data security. Working with SAP partner tts GmbH, the company recently rolled out SAP SuccessFactors in seven countries across Europe on time and within budget.

Information Boosts Collaboration and Productivity

Instead of setting annual objectives and goals, managers, employees, and HR at FLYERALARM now have a constant exchange of information and feedback. Managers have the goals and development of every employee at their fingertips. Employees better understand how their performance and goals fit into the overall company strategy and how they can develop their career in a targeted way.

“Everyone can take responsibility for their own training and further development as they can view the courses on offer and utilize them,” says Weikamp. “At the same time, we can measure the demand for training courses since any employee can simply make a request to HR using the system.”

The learning catalog now consists of over 150 courses — about three times as many as in the past. “Everyone can check the entire range of courses offered by FLYERALARM at any time,” says Weikamp. “This transparency ensures that everyone enjoys equal opportunities, and it was something our employees really wanted. In addition, the SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution considerably accelerates our processes, from identifying demand to creating certificates.”

At FLYERALARM, SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution considerably accelerates processes

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Using cloud-based SAP software, FLYERALARM no longer requires its own IT infrastructure, and can easily adapt to new business requirements. Up-to-date information is available at every location, at any time. “Furthermore, the interface to SAP was important to us as updates are installed on a daily basis,” said Weikamp.

Future Innovations

FLYERALARM plans to continue its digital transformation, introducing SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development in the future. This will allow the company to manage talent more comprehensively, for example, by connecting an employee’s individual career goals directly with relevant training.

“Today’s digital world of work calls for dynamic, digital HR processes that can be adjusted flexibly,” said Weikamp. “Because SAP SuccessFactors solutions are constantly being developed, they are ideal for today’s working world.”

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