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Former SAP CEO Henning Kagermann: “Progress Creates Jobs”

Henning Kagermann, former chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of SAP and current president of acatech, shares his views on what the future holds for the job market, individual workers, and leadership culture.

In the digital future, many traditional boundaries will blur – boundaries between our professional and private lives, and between leaders and more autonomous teams. Software vendors and their customers will move closer together, as engagement models change toward co-innovation approaches.

HR organizations will use Big Data in new ways, impacting the work lives of individuals. As workforces become more diverse and people work longer, companies will be looking to create a healthy workplace for all ages.

Automation and the Future of Work: Are Management, Creative, and Administrative Jobs at Risk?

A combination of new business models, technology, workforce automation, and globalization is changing the way that companies do business – and the workforce is at the crux of it all. New job categories will replace many of these automated jobs. But the real questions are: What happens to the people rendered redundant and how likely will companies help ensure their success? To learn more, read the article from Michael Rander: Automation and the Future of Work: Are Management, Creative, and Administrative Jobs at Risk? And see more articles from the 10 Weeks of Live Business series.

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Video by Thomas Leonhardi and Norbert Steinhauser

via SAP News Center

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