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Healthcare and the Internet of Things: Improving Services and Fighting Healthcare Costs

For healthcare organizations and companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) will become mainstream by 2020 – bringing an unprecedented opportunity to run healthcare as a Live Business.

Connecting people, patients, clinicians, caregivers, and consumers with a variety of digital technology will fundamentally transform management and clinical processes on all levels.

Getting patients and consumers engaged in the healthcare process can yield new and better care delivery models and outcome-driven decisions. In turn, people will lead healthier lifestyles, enjoy a better quality of life, and benefit from lower costs.

To take advantage of the IoT, IDC recommends that healthcare companies should focus on four principles:

  • Use the convergence of passive sensors, mobile technology, and social networks
  • Distill insights from the IoT and other data
  • Transform clinical and business processes along the IoT spectrum
  • Change consumer behavior by using incentives

The IoT is positioned to create significant changes across a wide variety of industries, especially healthcare. To explore this trend, IDC researched the IoT’s impact across four industries: retail, consumer products, discrete manufacturing, and healthcare.

Find out which IoT opportunities your healthcare business should pursue. Watch this interview with Lynn Dunbrack, research vice president for healthcare at IDC.

Learn more about IDC’s findings on The Internet of Things and Digital Transformation: A Tale of Four Industries.

Kai Goerlich is the Idea Director of Thought Leadership at SAP.

This story originally appeared on The Digitalist Magazine as part of the 10 Weeks of Live Business series.

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