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Interning at SAP: “I Feel Extremely Valued”

Still believe internship programs are limited to coffee runs? Learn how SAP spurns the typical intern role to help develop the next generation of leaders.

For many college students, summer vacation means it’s time to get to work. Today’s undergrads are often encouraged to compete for top summer internships to improve their chances of landing a full-time job after graduating.

The intern stereotype is someone who makes coffee runs and works behind a copy machine – not exactly a learning experience. But a new program at SAP called the Internship Experience, or iXp, aims to break the mold and provide valuable internships by pushing interns to solve real world problems while also learning about the business.

The new program is designed to help interns develop both hard and soft skills ranging from learning how to code to managing their retirement funds – skills that will help them survive and thrive in our global corporate economy.

Learn, Grow, Excel

“As an intern, I feel extremely valued, not just in terms of how I am treated, but the type of work that I am given,” said Emily Su, who is an iXp Corporate Event Marketing Intern at Concur. “The projects I’m working on have a real impact.”

Other interns including Yianni Kontorousis, a second year iXp veteran, have helped support unique projects. During his first summer with the program, Kontorousis had the opportunity to work alongside professional golfer, Jason Day, during the 2015 US Open in Washington. While supporting the Corporate Marketing Team, he was able to bring in prospective clients and help run the event—an experience he describes as “really cool.”

Projects and assignments like these is what truly makes this internship program stand out of the mass.

There are over 200 iXp interns located in the United States, India, and in the Czech Republic, working for teams across Business Networks and Applications (BNA). The 10-week program hosts interns in a variety of departments and teams from Corporate Marketing to Account Services.

In the short time they are with SAP, interns are kept on their toes with new projects, team meetings, and networking opportunities and garner a greater understanding of the corporate world. SAP benefits because the iXp interns bring fresh, new ideas and concepts into the workplace.

Whether students are coding gurus, marketing wizards, or data fanatics, the program aims to create exciting opportunities for the students to learn, grow, and excel.

Interns collaborate and work alongside colleagues and mentors who provide them with knowledge, guidance, and the tools and resources to be successful. Working with other employees and senior leaders has emerged as one of the most important features of the iXp program.

Appreciating Early Talents

“You are surrounded by people that are excited to help you become successful,” said Kendall Davies, a current iXp participant. “Not only are they fun people to be around, but they are constantly challenging you to be innovative and…push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to become the best professional you can be.”

Interns are also invited to various social events over the course of the summer, which allows them to network, learn about the culture of the company, and have some fun.

This is one of SAP’s many Early Talent programs that keep ideas, strategies, and goals new and creative. No generation will have a greater impact on technology in the world than the emerging workforce, and SAP believes it is critical to value the knowledge and expertise of Early Talents today to help ensure a successful, productive workplace tomorrow.

via SAP News Center

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