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Virtuous Cycle of Diversity at SAP Generates up to $45M

Not long ago, SAP hired an external firm to conduct a study quantifying the results of employee engagement. What they found was a direct correlation between employee engagement and revenue.

The study showed that each percentage point increase in the employee engagement score drove $35 to $45 million to SAP’s bottom line. According to Nicole McCabe, senior director of Global Diversity at SAP, the company increased employee engagement by two percent last year.

“These findings position diversity and inclusion as a business imperative,” said McCabe. “SAP’s objective is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace so people feel that they’re bringing their whole self to work, and that we are also gaining the full potential from all of our employees because they know their experiences, perspectives and ideas hold value here.”

This virtuous cycle is particularly important for an organization in the rapidly changing technology industry. SAP’s numerous diversity and inclusion commitments are designed to empower contributions from people informed by different cultures, races, gender, ethnicities and other variables.

McCabe said SAP is on track to achieve its commitment of having 25 percent women in leadership positions by 2017 – with 24 percent to date. SAP is also committed to increase the number of women overall to 32 percent of its total workforce, and to hiring 600 individuals with autism by 2020.

In the rapidly changing tech industry, the cycle of diversity is important for organizations

SAP Winners: CRN 2016 Women of the Channel Awards

One example of how SAP’s diversity and inclusion strategy is paying off are the winners of the CRN 2016 Women of the Channel Awards, which include six senior-level leaders from the company. Here’s a snapshot of how each has personally helped advance SAP’s channel business over the past year, along with their thoughts on what working at SAP gives them the freedom to do.

One example of how SAP’s diversity strategy is paying off? Its six Women of the Channel Award winners



Jayne Landry, global vice president and general manager of Business Intelligence (BI) at SAP, has helped advance SAP’s channel business over the last 12 months by introducing channel-exclusive analytics products, launching new channel-ready cloud and analytics solutions and driving 40 percent of SAP’s BI revenues through the channel.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Pursue the things I’m passionate about, both professionally with analytics and IoT, and personally with volunteer opportunities at events like STEMTalks – promoting careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to the next generation of women.



Susan Reynolds, global vice president of the SME Partner Ecosystem at SAP, is focused on creating new economic tools to help partners navigate cloud’s evolving business structure, spurring expansion into additional market segments for existing partners, and opening up new partner recruitment to businesses outside IT reselling.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Run with the creativity, inspiration and pace of a startup while being powered by a leading, global brand. We are developing a generation of great new products, but also developing the next generation of leaders who have SaaS, social, and Run Simple in their DNA.



Meaghan Sullivan, vice president of Global Channel, Marketing and Sales at SAP, creates and executes leading-edge programs and initiatives for the global SAP channel to increase pipeline and generate partner lead business across SAP’s full product portfolio.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Innovate in new business models and routes to market on a global scale during one of the most exciting and fast-changing technological revolutions in history. With the onset of the Digital Economy, SAP is on the leading edge of creating new programs which enable our channel partners to experience profitability and grow our business together. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this amazing team!



Annie Neubrech, chief operating officer of North America Ecosystems & Channels at SAP, launched a field engagement director’s role in the North American ecosystem and channels team for collaborative sales planning, co-demand generation, and pipeline building that is considered a best practice by regions worldwide.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Give as much as I get. I love how much opportunity I have to influence and impact the development of young talent. It makes my contributions to the company so much more meaningful.



Jennifer Schulze, vice president of Channel Marketing at SAP, drove the growth of SAP cloud business with VARs through a white glove program that resulted in 82 percent year-over-year growth.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Learn and constantly reinvent myself to improve who I am as a leader, manager, and marketer. I never feel stagnant in my ability to be innovative because of the opportunity the organization has provided for me.



Diane Pereira, senior director of Marketing Communications, SAP Partner & SME Marketing, spearheaded a complete revamp of the company’s demand generation e-learning program for resellers, achieving nearly 80 percent training completion rates to certify partners in the latest digital marketing strategies.

My role at SAP gives me the freedom to… Explore un-traditional paths to success in addition to my day job—as a strategy ambassador, a mentor, and recently on a corporate social responsibility project in Rwanda. In all instances I have achieved satisfaction, learning, and growth beyond my expectations.

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