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When Actions Speak Louder Than Words: SAP Recognized as #20 Most Purposeful Brand in the World

Gotta find my purpose, gotta find ME!” Those are the lyrics sung by Princeton, a lead character in the Broadway musical, “Avenue Q.” Princeton realizes that there’s something more to life. He’s convinced that once he finds his Purpose, it will be that little flame that keeps him going – and, enables him to make his dent in the universe (to quote Steve Jobs).

Brands with Purpose can make a big difference. But, according to consultancy RadleyYeldar (RY) “only if they go beyond worthy words to show how purpose translates into impact.” Brands with purpose invite people to be part of something bigger. They “bring employees, customers and investors on board, turning ambition into action. Ultimately, they create business success – and by fulfilling their purpose, they benefit individuals and society.”

SAP’s commitment to communicate, educate, and inspire others about how we are making an impact on global causes touching billions of people is getting noticed. On September 21, at the Fit for Purpose 2016 launch event in London, SAP moved up two spots in the RY Fit for Purpose Index of the top 100 most purposeful brands in the world. We are now #20, up from #22 in 2015. We maintained our position as the top technology company listed on this index — ahead of HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, IBM, and Facebook.

Being ranked as a leader in “Fit for Purpose” is about getting four things right: the purpose itself and related storyline; communications; performance, and behavior. To learn more, read the Marketing Week article, which announced the 2016 index.

Why Focus on Purpose?

According to EY’s strategy executive director and EY Beacon Institute global leader Valerie Keller, Purpose can lead to better growth opportunities for companies large and small. As EY points out, “purpose-led brands are more successful in acquiring and retaining customers. This may make intuitive sense, but it is also backed up by behavioral science: people buy things that make them feel good about themselves. And people do business with those they trust.”

According to Keller, companies that successfully transform themselves into a “‘purpose-driven organization” will uncover more growth opportunities and develop stronger sales channels than those that don’t. And in a world where growth is increasingly difficult to achieve, leveraging all available tools is more important than ever.

Like Princeton in “Avenue Q,” people are now craving something more meaningful. It’s not just millennials, it cuts across all age groups! Many of us want to feel like we are somehow making a positive impact and contributing to a higher purpose in our work. It’s what drives and inspires us. We feel it’s our duty to stand for something more than just making money, and to help people prosper in the digital economy. Now, with the Fit for Purpose Index, we can look to purpose-driven companies for opportunities to collaborate and innovate, while also inspiring others.

Many of us dream of a better life – for ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, and for those whom we may not even know personally, but feel empathy towards. What’s your dream? How have you incorporated purpose into your life – at work, outside of work, or both? Share it with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #mypurposestory.

Things You Can Do

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