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AGCO Recruits Top Talent While Building Global Brand

Career sites are much more than a source of information for people in search of job opportunities. They have emerged as one of the most powerful ways to build a company’s brand identity, serving as meaningful conversation-starters that can motivate top talents to become employees.

This has been the experience at AGCO, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions that supports more productive farming through its full line of equipment and related services. Largely formed through acquisitions, AGCO needed to unify its employer brand in more than 100 countries and across five core product brands while ensuring global candidates could connect with the brand of their choice.

Lauri Lipka, Vice President of Global Human Resources, was at the recent SuccessConnect 2016 event, where she and a colleague talked about AGCO’s transition to SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder. The company replaced a highly customized, English-language system with centralized, cloud-based software in multiple languages to meet its global recruiting demands.

Lauri Lipka, Vice President of Global Human Resources, was at the recent SuccessConnect 2016 event, where she and a colleague talked about AGCO’s transition to SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder.  Image via SAP.

“Having different brands in our portfolio presents its own problems because people in different parts of the world may not know AGCO,” said Lipka. “We couldn’t use our original application beyond the United States because it was only in English. Adding languages was expensive, and it wasn’t easy to keep our recruiting pages fresh. Our old system had limited responsive design options, and we needed mobile capabilities so people can search and apply for jobs on any device at any time.”

Global but Local Design

Using SAP SuccessFactors solutions, AGCO globalized its talent community with recruiting marketing that invites candidates worldwide into one central repository. Recruiters can segment talent by country, building workable paths to hiring. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting was a game-changer, allowing AGCO to distribute jobs globally. This has increased efficiencies, helping all of AGCO’s brands effectively recruit as never before. It’s also easy to localize content.

“Whether you’re global or local, you need to understand who your stakeholders are,” said Lipka. “For example, when we reached out to our Brazilian counterparts to show them the site design mock-up, they said there aren’t enough photos of people in there. If you’re familiar with Brazilian culture, their feedback makes sense and helped us tailor our site to recruit talented people in their country.”

Using SAP SuccessFactors, AGCO globalized its talent community and unified its brand

Communicate Early and Often

To bring in SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder, the team at AGCO partnered closely with IT, HR communications, HR operations and corporate marketing. Global alignment was also crucial.

“You want to create buy-in from the beginning with everyone. We had continuous communication with our regional talent acquisition leads, and with our recruiters from each country,” said Joy Baumgarten, Manager of Global Talent Management and Acquisition at AGCO. “We first worked on the English language site, understanding that any decisions made there were going to carry over to the other language sites. By having everyone on board early, it was easy to rollout the site in other languages.”

Simplicity for Job-Seekers

When it came to page design, AGCO placed the candidate at the forefront, focusing on a seamless, mobile experience from the first click on a job description through application submission. Candidates can access all information from any device, and also connect their social profiles from popular sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Lingying.

“We had two mantras: ‘One click to apply’ and ‘the easier the better.’ We wanted a clean design with short pages and less scrolling,” said Baumgarten.

For a more intuitive navigation experience for job-seekers, AGCO’s site has hyperlinked each of its positions to their respective brands. Instead of the typical, generic career site call to action, AGCO also allows candidates to sign up for more specific information. “We wanted to have an active shout-out so they can click a link that says email jobs to me,” said Baumgarten.

AGCO also wanted to make it easy for people to find the positions they’re looking for regardless of location. Candidates can browse opportunities by brand, country location, job category and function in ten languages.

“We want to give our candidates the best possible applicant experience,” said Baumgarten. “The reality is that we’re not just offering jobs in English-speaking countries. Our site reflects our global reality. We need to speak to candidates in their language.”

AGCO plans to add more languages, and will begin using advanced recruiting analytics that Lipka expects will improve candidate target marketing.

In a fiercely competitive global market, showcasing exciting global opportunities to job seekers is just part of the challenge. Leading companies like AGCO are coupling recruitment to branding, designing career sites that attract global talent to enable global growth.

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