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Knowledge Workspace Empowers Decision-Makers at #SAPTechEd 2016

What if companies could tear down application and departmental boundaries to quickly collaborate and tackle unexpected problems – at a moment’s notice?

This is the purpose behind SAP’s Knowledge Workspace, which seamlessly connects information and people from systems and places company-wide, in one place and on the fly, so they can address problems for faster business outcomes. I caught up with Paul Schindler, growth angel at SAP, who demonstrated Knowledge Workspace in this video at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

According to Schindler, the Knowledge Workspace fills an important gap.

“Existing machine learning solutions either make sense of data or support human collaboration. The Knowledge Workspace supports the entire process from data to insight to action.”

Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the open workspace allows people to immediately bring the right experts into a virtual “war room,” where they can collaborate in real-time to resolve problems more efficiently and effectively, addressing issues on an ad hoc and ongoing basis.

The real-world scenarios are unlimited, from product recalls to sudden supply chain disruptions and world events impacting any aspect of the business at any time. Schindler told me that supply chain incidents in manufacturing and automotive are priority areas right now. However, the team has already identified scenarios in many industries with strong need like aerospace & defense, consumer products, and wholesale distribution. The strategy is to build use cases on proven approach, resulting in an expandable platform for additional markets over time.

Dynamic problem-solving transforms not only how companies manage immediate situations, but also entire business models. When decision-makers from every part of the company including product development, finance, field operations, marketing, communications and sales, come together instantly to share their insights about what’s going on and determine the best course of action, this changes everything for industries at-large as well. At the end of the day, understanding and acting on insights in a timely manner is just as valuable to innovation as the company’s products and services.

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