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Pelicano Foundation Offers Lifeline to Impoverished Children

SAP Digital CRM helps Pelicano Foundation Run simple and digital.

Poverty in Belgium? Unfortunately, yes. About 2.6 million children have dropped below the poverty line in the world’s most affluent countries since 2008 when the global financial crisis began, according to a 2014 report from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

That brings the total number of children in the developed world living in poverty to an astounding 76.5 million. Among them, some 420,000 children in Belgium are growing up in poverty, with most of them living in Wallonia and Brussels. It’s estimated that 18.7 percent of children in Belgium are growing up in households with incomes below the European poverty line.

“Many affluent countries have suffered a ‘great leap backwards’ in terms of household income, and the impact on children will have long-lasting repercussions for them and their communities,” said Jeffrey O’Malley, UNICEF’s then Head of Global Policy and Strategy (currently Director of the Division of Data, Research and Policy). A previous report by UNICEF from 2012 has shown that the failure to protect children from poverty is one of the most costly mistakes a society can make.

Growing Need, Growing Complexity

Pelicano Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by a team of passionate individuals committed to providing support to impoverished children in Belgium, ages 3-18. Through the foundation, they are helping to identify, address and rectify this critical, and unfortunately growing, issue. They are focusing their efforts on the severe vulnerability and needs of disadvantaged children, be it financial, economic, educational, medical or legal.

Pelicano, however, is not a social, medical or educational institution. Instead, it provides financial support through third-party caretakers, such as schools, relief homes and social-welfare organizations that have specialized and structured assistance mechanisms firmly in place.

The foundation doesn’t work directly with the children or their parents; Instead it raises funds through events, donations and wills, and operates under the endorsement of Her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium. The organization raises an average of €350,000 in contributions per year.

“One thing is certain: poverty exists. It is much more than an individual problem, it is a societal problem,” said Christian Hoorne, CEO, Pelicano Foundation. “Poverty is more than a lack of money. It causes exclusion, and families in poverty are discovering that they do not belong and are often subjected to injustices. Pelicano was established with the mission to be the voice of underprivileged children, building them a bridge to wellness.”

Enter SAP Belgium and SAP Digital CRM

Since Pelicano was established, the need to help children has continued to increase and the old paper-based processes that the Foundation used to use to manage day-to-day operations have proven unable to keep up with the growing demands.  So it was time to implement a more sophisticated, digital solution that would improve efficiency and enable greater focus on the core mission of the organization – helping kids in need, instead of worrying about paperwork.

SAP Belgium stepped up to help Pelicano providing the Foundation with SAP Digital CRM, the company’s first digitally native solution (previously called SAP Digital for Customer Engagement). This simplified cloud CRM solution integrates sales, marketing and service features in one package, enabling a comprehensive customer experience.

“We are using SAP Digital for Customer Engagement to become more efficient and business savvy,” added Hoorne. “Now we’re able to manage all of our contacts and interactions with sponsors and caregivers digitally with this software. We can also share information within the direction committee in a highly simplified way. The solution is providing us a new way of working that we call Pelicano 2.0, allowing us to be more efficient so we can focus on our mission of serving children in need.”

For Pelicano Foundation, the measure of its success is the number of children in need that it reaches. It is providing children with an opportunity to develop soundly in mind and body, and to become strong contributors to society, the economy and the culture. SAP is honored to support the work of Pelicano Foundation.

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