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Smart Buildings Get Smarter with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Whether you live in, manage, or own a building, Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything thanks to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Smart buildings were among the IoT innovation stories I discovered at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, where I talked with Joe Binkley, senior director of Marketing for SAP HANA Cloud Platform at SAP.

Binkley walked me through his incredible demo in this video interview:

According to Binkley, it’s easy for developers to build their own IoT applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which is entirely in the cloud. The business value of these kind of apps are clear in his smart building demo, from sustainability to security and safety. Management can easily open and close doors, reposition solar panels on the roof, control the elevators, set the correct fan temperature, and more — using voice commands that are sent to an IoT gateway, activating building responses in real time.

In case of an emergency, management can quickly secure the environment and help ensure the safety of anyone inside, automatically clearing glass windows for better visibility, shutting down elevators, and taking other safety steps. With sensors on every floor, first responders know where people are, and can more quickly provide assistance. The system reports the building’s status at any time on command as well, with sensors sharing integrated data back into SAP HANA Cloud Platform for ongoing monitoring and decision-making.

More and more, the smartest organizations are exploring how IoT connects devices to actionable data for strategic and tactical advantage.

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