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The Customer Comes First at Firefly Home Collection

If you have a great product in a heavily competitive market, you have to meet your customers’ demand – or they will just move on to another supplier. Firefly Home Collection faced such an issue when they realized that they lacked visibility into their inventory and needed the agility to fill orders on-the-fly from anywhere.

Firefly Home Collection was founded in 2000 and is based in Los Angeles, California. From the start, their mission has been to work with skilled artisans from around the world to produce decorative home accessories and furniture, capturing an exotic and contemporary aesthetic. Their beautiful home items including table top accents, wall décor, storage, and garden elements and are highly acclaimed by designers and industry media. Firefly Home Collection products are displayed in their showrooms in key markets in the U.S. as well as overseas in China. Their distribution system includes specialty catalogs, retail stores, and e-commerce.

As we all know, when a customer falls in love, we need to make them happy – now. Firefly Home Collection’s accounting and inventory systems were out of date. They had no real-time view on item dimensions, inventory, or expected delivery timeframes which was becoming a real problem when face-to-face with customers at events like tradeshows.

According to the CEO of Firefly Home Collection’s, Jack Sahagian: “Without a full-blown ERP system that could automate all of our inventory management functions, we had to resort to manual processes to try to keep track of our inventory and that led to widespread inefficiencies and less-than-stellar accuracy.”firefly_with-logo_inside-article

While they were seeing incredible growth, Firefly is still a small company that is relatively young.  They needed a solution that would have them stay agile and competitive. They set about diligently researching their options and decided that SAP Business One was the clear choice.

Most of the solutions they needed came straight out of the box, but a little tweaking to create a competitive edge never hurt. With the help of their partner, Softengine Inc., Firefly Home Collection was able to create a key innovation: ‘Quantity Available to Promise.’ With this field, the sales force has visibility into an item’s true availability; taking into account remaining inventory, incoming deliveries, and existing order commitments.  So now when their customers say they want that lovely accent piece, Firefly can be sure to only make promises they can realistically keep.

SAP Business One offers Firefly Home Collection visibility into inventory, deliveries, and order commitments

Firefly Home Collection can now fulfill requests on-the-fly from anywhere. They have the agility to innovate their business and adapt to changing environments. That makes it much easier for all of us to enjoy tasteful beauty in our homes!

You can read more about Firefly Home Collection’s Customer Journey, here.

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