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Why Your Customers Need Dynamic Content

Effective customer engagement was a central theme at last week’s SAP Hybris Americas Summit 2016, and the key to powerfully connecting with customers is personalizing their experiences.

Brian Walker, chief strategy officer for SAP Hybris, discussed why personalization is an integral factor in the customer experience, and how it can drive revenue to your business in this Facebook Live session from the event.


Jon Reed, Diginomica (left), and Brian Walker, SAP Hybris (right)

Personalization is not a new topic when it comes to maximizing customer experience, but it has evolved from simply recognizing the consumer or making product recommendations based on what he’s looked at, or purchased, in the past. With the data companies can pull from customer behaviors online, there seems to be infinite possibilities on what companies can do to make their experiences even better.

“We really haven’t yet, as an industry, delivered on the opportunities presented on the concept of personalization,” Walker said. Successful personalization means offering “cross device, cross session personalization by contextualizing the experience. [It’s about delivering the] right content, the right product, the right offer and a streamlined experience based on your past behavior and what you’re doing in the moment.”

Successful personalization means cross-device, cross-session personalization by contextualizing the experience

Equally important is the relevance of what is being sent out to the customer. Using the example of a frequent traveler as an example, Walker explained that if that someone checks uses a mobile app on his device prior to take off, he doesn’t want information that could simplify booking his trip. “If it seems intrusive or creepy, people are going to have an adverse reaction to that,” Walker said.

Giving customers a choice in the kinds of content they want receive, and acting on those expectations, is vital in delivering a positive customer experience. “It’s important for businesses to think about enabling that opt-in and opt-out and being transparent about what’s driving that personalization,” Walker said.

The biggest barrier to doing customer personalization according to Walker? Its companies delivering “dynamic” content along every part of the customer journey. “It’s often the missing piece and often the most difficult part for businesses to solve,” he said.

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