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The Partnership Behind NVIDIA’s Amazing AI Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is sweeping into every industry this year powering trailblazing opportunities for software vendors and their partners.

Forrester predicts investments in AI will triple in 2017, and IDC totals spending on cognitive systems at over $31 billion in just two years. I was at SAP TechEd 2016 in Barcelona when SAP announced its Application Intelligence Partner Program, which fast-tracks partners that add intelligence to SAP applications or additional AI platform capabilities.

One noteworthy trailblazer is NVIDIA. Originally acclaimed for its unparalleled computer graphics capabilities, NVIDIA has repositioned itself as “the artificial intelligence company.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Guy Gueritz, Global Account Manager of SAP at NVIDIA, who explained in this video how his company’s partnership with SAP aligns with their strategic growth strategies.

“We expect in the real-time space, robotics and computer vision becoming a reality, predictive analytics in the big-data space, even software writing software,” said Gueritz. “The goal is always knowledge, and the partnership with SAP is going to be key for us to make this a reality.”

You can get a first-hand look at what all the excitement is about in my other video interview featuring a demo of SAP Brand Intelligence. This ground-breaking solution uses NVIDIA technology on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to take the guesswork out of measuring return on investment (ROI) for corporate event sponsorships. Marketing teams can instantly process and analyze thousands of images and videos, in this case, company logos, and translate the data into understandable information for better decision-making.

If trust is the ultimate currency in a hyper-connected market, AI is certain to forge enriching relationships across an ever-expanding landscape of innovators.

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