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SAP Sports One Hits Latin America

With SAP Sports One turning one last year, there was a lot to celebrate. After a number of European partners and customers, SAP for Sports & Entertainment has now hit Latin America.

Mexico’s Club América and Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente (also known as Xolos de Tijuana) are now live with SAP Sports One. And Guadalajara football club Atlas Fútbol signed just before year-end. With all clubs playing in the Mexican top league Primera División (also referred to as ‘Liga MX’), SAP has made its mark in the Latin American market.

Sports Tech to Boost Player Performance

Club América is home to the stadio Azteca in Mexico City, the country’s largest stadium with roundabout 87,000 seats and is said to be one of the most popular clubs. ‘Using this technology will allow us to keep better track of our players and even possible reinforcements’, states Ricardo Peláez, Sports Director of Club América and former top goal scorer.

SAP Sports One was officially launched for Latin America in May 2016. Just a month before the official announcement in Mexico City, Xolos de Tijuana had already signed up for the sports software from SAP. The Tijuana-based team, well known for its innovative approach, the club’s youth, and trendy brand presence, already started working with SAP Sports One for the start of the season of 2016/17.

SAP Sports One allows managers and coaches to determine defensive and offensive strategies based on relevant information of their opponents and upcoming game conditions with only a few clicks. The solution provides teams with a full view of their operations and allows them to consolidate data, while applying best practices to optimize their performance in the game.

“We began to see that other teams’ performances around the world continuously improved,” says Ignacio Palou, Sporting Director of Xolos. After understanding the capabilities of SAP’s data analysis tools and how they help teams evaluate their strategies on and off of the pitch, the club decided to go for it — “To take our players and their talent to the next level.”

A Strong Year for SAP’s Sports Industry

Atlas Fútbol Club, a club that just celebrated its 100th anniversary and is renowned for a skilled youth academy bringing forth great national and international players, made a strong year for SAP for Sports One complete. The club will start implementing the solution in February, adding another chapter to SAP’s Latin American success story.

“Latin America is a huge market. These countries are crazy about football – and SAP has the solutions to make the experience for teams, fans, and the businesses behind the clubs run simpler,” says Bernd Huwe, Business Development Sports & Entertainment, SAP SE. As a native cloud solution, the offering is enhanced with relevant features and additional analytical capabilities within very short cycles, adding to the win-win situation for customers and SAP.

“The benefits will keep increasing while our customers are using the software, Bernhard Escherich, head of New Markets for Sports & Entertainment at SAP SE, adds. As for Ignacio Palou from Xolos: “The best teams in the world are using SAP. SAP Sports One will take us to the next level – competitively and organizationally.”

via SAP News Center

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