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SAP Cloud Platform: New Year, New Name

As 2017 kicks into high gear, I want to focus attention on SAP Cloud Platform (formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform), which was officially rebranded last month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Having “HANA” in the platform offering’s name posited a necessity to run the SAP HANA database service when adopting SAP Cloud Platform, which is not the case. Although SAP HANA can be leveraged when using SAP Cloud Platform, it is by no means the only service that companies adopt when deploying this PaaS offering from SAP.

So to avoid any confusion going forward, SAP decided to remove the “HANA” from SAP Cloud Platform. The platform’s emphasis is as an enterprise cloud platform that covers for a wide range of use cases to help organizations navigate their digital transformation journey.

Originally introduced three years ago, SAP Cloud Platform has evolved to become the digital enterprise platform of choice for thousands of companies thanks to its breadth of capabilities that connect smart devices and machines with people and processes.

As a refresher to readers, SAP Cloud Platform is an open PaaS that provides an in-memory database and services for creating and customizing enterprise applications on-premises or on the cloud. Using SAP Cloud Platform, users can quickly build, extend, and integrate modern, mobile-enabled apps new applications to meet critical business needs.

SAP Cloud Platform has evolved into the digital enterprise platform of choice

To help customers and folks new to SAP better understand how, why, and when to adopt SAP Cloud Platform, we are launching a blog series that will continue through the remainder of 2017.

This post officially kicks off the series, which will offer a consistent learning path to better understand the powerful and innovative capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform. Topics covered will include the role of SAP Cloud Platform in your digital transformation journey, IoT use cases, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), HR initiatives, and much more. Each post will also contain a ‘Did You Know’ section to provide interesting tidbits of information about SAP Cloud Platform.

Stay tuned for the next article focusing on the role SAP Cloud Platform plays in your journey to digital transformation.

Dan Kearnan is senior director of Marketing for Cloud Solutions at SAP.

via SAP News Center

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