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Innovation on the Rise at SAP

Our 2020 strategy is to become the most innovative cloud company powered by SAP HANA. Inspired by this strategy, we know that the spirit of innovation at SAP is on the rise across the world, in every campus, in every function, and in every customer interaction.

Yet a recent Brand Power Research study (2016) revealed a significant challenge in how we are perceived in the market. While SAP’s brand equity and position is at an all-time high, and we are globally recognized for our long-standing expertise and reputation, we were still lagging peer technology brands, specifically on innovation.

However, what if we converted this challenge into an opportunity? If we could combine across the many diverse aspects of innovation — already in motion across SAP — into a unified story, we could significantly accelerate our value proposition in innovation, and continue to advance our brand positioning as an innovative company.

That’s why we created Innovation at SAP, a new e-book designed specifically to tell our end-to-end Innovation Story. We fundamentally reimagined a new view of innovation into a broader perspective that was coherent to our strategy, authentic to our vision, and uniquely differentiates SAP from our peers and competitors.

As a result, this book covers SAP innovation broadly across three sections: Purpose-Driven Innovation; Product/ Technology-Driven Innovation, and Program-Led Innovation.  Individual one-pagers describe valuable insights and executive perspective on a distinct innovation topic, including key trends, our unique differentiators, and customer value.

Innovation at SAP covers 23 topics such as 3D printing; blockchain; digital medicine; machine learning; IoT; design thinking, diversity and inclusion and SAP Next-Gen. The digital book provides an inclusive, but not complete list of innovations at SAP. Over time, additional, differentiating innovations will be incorporated.

This book celebrates SAP’s unrelenting focus on innovation driving us into a bold new future. We encourage you to have a look, and discover the many facets of SAP as an innovation-driven company.

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