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Digitalization Takes Flight

Innovation doesn’t just happen here on the ground. On the flight to Orlando for SAPPHIRE NOW, the world’s largest event for SAP customers, Lufthansa and SAP will be holding a pre-conference on topics like artificial intelligence, and the future of work – all at around 30,000 feet.

In their first joint project between the innovation arm of SAP and Lufthansa, the two companies are collaborating on Lufthansa FlyingLab to reach “New Heights with Innovation.” Lufthansa Digital Innovations and SAP Innovation Center Network are designing an in-flight conference program. Torsten Wingenter, senior director of digital innovations at Lufthansa; and Upen Barve, head of the Customer Strategy and Experience of SAP Innovation Center Network, are the hosts who will be at Frankfurt Airport to welcome the passengers to a corresponding gate event. Innovation starts with the sharing of ideas, after all. “We’re excited to be working with Lufthansa on offering a glimpse of the future of digitalization on this special flight,” affirms Dr. Juergen Mueller, SAP’s Chief Innovation Officer. “We will provide a lot of food for thought.”

Lufthansa FlyingLab is an open innovation platform the airline uses to show its customers what digitalization can do. To date, Lufthansa has cleared three FlyingLabs for takeoff: one on the future of travel and virtual reality on its service to San José, California; one for Fashion Week on a flight to New York; and one for the South by Southwest (SXSW) digital conference in Austin, Texas. Each FlyingLab theme reflects the event taking place at the respective destination.

The key feature of Lufthansa FlyingLab is its conference component. Speakers on board will share in person their insights into the future of work (Martin Wezowski, SAP), how to upgrade and biohack travel habits (Teemu Arina, author and biohacker), and will ask whether robots are the future of work (Ingrid Rothe, RSB Partners). Passengers will take in a live video stream and access the presentation slides over a dedicated FlyingLab WiFi connection on board the 747-400. This network can be used with any WiFi-enabled personal device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and will be installed specifically for the FlyingLab flight. During the presentations, passengers will also be able to send questions to the speaker from their devices. This means they’ll be able to engage in a live dialog with the speakers even as they enjoy a unique conference atmosphere 30,000 feet above the Atlantic.

The New Heights with Innovation project shows once again how two major companies can innovate and bring the best of the digital opportunities to all businesses and consumers.
“It’s all about experience and thought leadership,” says Upen Barve, who is excited to drive SAP’s collaboration with Lufthansa digital innovations. ”The joint project team is looking forward to an inspirational start!”

The Lufthansa FlyingLab for SAPPHIRENOW takes off on flight LH 464 from Frankfurt to Orlando on May 15, 2017.

via SAP News Center

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