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SAP Leonardo Center Opens in Paris to Support Companies’ Digital Transformations

On June 21 in Paris, SAP held its first official SAP Leonardo Center opening ceremony.

“We are happy to announce the opening of our SAP Leonardo Center Paris,” said Tanja Rückert,  president of IoT and Digital Supply Chain at SAP. “It is SAP’s ‘front end’ for customers and partners to accelerate their digital innovation journey utilizing design thinking and the capabilities of SAP Leonardo, our digital innovation system.”

The SAP Leonardo Center opening brought together customers, partners and the latest innovations from SAP.

SAP France invited customers and partners to cut the ribbon on the first official SAP Leonardo Center. Hosting the event at SAP’s offices in Paris were Tanja Rückert (third from left); Marc Genevois, general manager, SAP France (fifth from left); and Clemens Daeschle, managing director, SAP Labs in Paris (second from left).

SAP Leonardo Centers are a global network of connected, physical locations that are the go-to places for digital inspiration and co-innovation, while also being the delivery mechanism of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services. The location in Paris showcases SAP Leonardo with the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, analytics, blockchain, Big Data, data intelligence, and SAP Cloud Platform as key ingredients for digital transformation, making “digital” tangible. It also provides a space for innovation to jointly explore the digital future. An additional SAP Leonardo Center is located in New York City, with locations planned for São Leopoldo, Brazil, and Bangalore, India.

It’s no coincidence that SAP chose to open the SAP Leonardo Center at its modern Paris office with a view over the city. It combines a high concentration of customers and partners with one of SAP’s largest market units. SAP’s channel partners will play a major role in implementing the SAP Leonardo strategy.

“A major objective of the SAP Leonardo Center Paris is to empower all our partners so they are better able to serve SAP’s customers from an operational perspective,” said Marc Genevois, general manager of SAP France. “Our ecosystem is a very strong asset in supporting our customers during their implementation phase. That’s why we would like to have the entire channel involved from the very beginning of each prototype project.”

One of the key learnings of the current shift to a digital economy is that companies need to reimagine how their customers and other stakeholders would like to interact with their product or services in the future, and what benefits can be gained applying new technologies. The road to digitalization for many companies therefore often involves a process of introspection and discovery, asking questions like “How can I apply new technologies to operate more efficiently?”, “How can I build stronger brand loyalty?”, or “How can I adapt my business model to gain market share?”

One of the first customers to co-innovate with SAP France at the SAP Leonardo Center was French coffee company Cafés Richards, which aims to grow its market share and brand loyalty by improving the quality of services to its distributors around the country. A design thinking workshop at SAP France resulted in the prototype “Connected Coffee Machine,” a solution that monitors vendors’ coffee machines, provides useful dashboard showing sales and consumption data for its customers, and enables the 160 technicians from Cafés Richard to remotely perform machine analytics or even repair or adjust coffee machines. The process, from initial idea to a working prototype, took only eight days.

“SAP has a long track record of collaborating and co-innovating with its customers, and SAP Leonardo builds on this for the digital economy,” says Clemens Daeschle, managing director of SAP Labs in Paris and COO of the SAP Labs Network. “Paris as an ideal location for an SAP Leonardo Center because of its concentration of customers and partners with a very strong SAP market unit, state-of-the-art facilities for collaboration, and the execution power of an SAP Labs location with experts in analytics, machine learning, IoT, and user experience.”

Becoming a digital business also requires business model and business process changes that no single technology can deliver. SAP reacted to these needs in May this year by launching its digital innovation system. SAP Leonardo brings together differentiating software capabilities in machine learning, IoT, Big Data, analytics, and blockchain on SAP Cloud Platform together with SAP experience, deep process and industry knowledge, and advanced design thinking methodology.

via SAP News Center

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