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5 Reasons You Need to Be at SAP TechEd 2017 If You’re a Software Innovator

Having just accepted my invitation to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I reached out to several folks in the know to find out what’s most exciting at this year’s event. Here are the top five reasons leading developers and other technologists need to attend.

1. Meet the New, Open SAP

Over 70 percent of the world’s transactions go through an SAP system, a reality not lost on the numerous technologists signing up for SAP TechEd this year.

“Just about everything goes through an SAP system, so if you want to develop anything in the business world, sooner or later you will touch SAP at some level,” said Thomas Grassl, vice president of Developer Relations at SAP and chief developer coolness officer for SAP TechEd. “Developers need to understand what SAP technologies are there and how to apply them for fast innovation. That’s what we do at SAP TechEd.”

Hot topics include transitioning to SAP S/4HANA, taking full advantage of mobile technologies like SAP Fiori, and integrating SAP’s cloud applications on the SAP Cloud Platform using open APIs.

2. Get Into the Coding Weeds

SAP TechEd is the perfect place to touch, play with and learn about SAP technologies, whether you aim to hone existing skills or gain new ones. Expert-led mini-code jams and hands-on trainings will provide deep dives into how to use latest SAP innovations for business – doing real coding. There will also be interactive Design Thinking workshops where developers can quickly prototype and iterate ideas.

“As SAP transforms into an innovation powerhouse that helps business run better to capture new customers in new ways, our technology has changed and SAP TechEd reflects that change,” said Ric Rogers, global events lead for SAP TechEd. “This year’s event will deliver the same value it always has, and bring more of the latest innovations in, helping technologists learn how they can continue to add value to their organizations.”

3. Creating Your Ideal Agenda is a Breeze

According Rogers, people are more excited than ever about the dramatically simplified, yet richer learning experience being offered at this year’s SAP TechEd events, the first of which kicks off in Las Vegas, September 25-29.

“It’s very easy for someone to build a personalized agenda that reflects the specific information they want,” said Rogers. “They can quickly gain an understanding of major trends and technologies along SAP’s corresponding road maps, get inspired from customers that are using these technologies, and gain the skills to make innovation come alive for business with meaningful value.”

4. Walk Away with Actionable Ideas

Developers can find the knowledge they need fast from this year’s freshly streamlined agenda that revolves around five themes: Engage, Know, Run, Transform and Unlock Big Data. There will be plenty of inspiration from SAP and other renowned thought leaders during not only keynotes and lectures, but also new, more interactive sessions such as five-minute pop-up talks on the show floor. And, leading-edge customers will showcase their experiences with plenty of demos using the latest technologies including mobile and SAP Leonardo capabilities including machine learning, IoT and blockchain.

5. Learn How You Can Make a Difference

SAP is partnering with well-known tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and SAP TechEd brings these collected ecosystems together for developers who want to make a difference and change the enterprise world. The line-up of learning opportunities is broad and deep, featuring 30-minute how-to sessions including code reviews and tips and tricks. In fact, the entire show floor is being changed up for a more personal, interactive experience, overflowing with opportunities to exchange ideas with experts about the most important technologies today. Rogers said that “participants just need to ask a question and we’ll help them get an answer.”

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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