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Corporate Sponsorships Reimagined: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

In less than 10 years, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim rose from an amateur football club to the Bundesliga, thanks to investments in talent and technology.

TSG Hoffenheim has always embraced innovation. Even after qualifying for the Bundesliga, we continued in the pursuit of perfection. Taking a data-driven approach to improving player performance was the next logical step, and SAP solutions became an integral part of the team’s championship vision. Several years into our partnership, we can confidently say that their technology allows us to achieve far more than we could have ever imagined.

Corporate Sponsorships Reimagined is a series documenting the experiences of SAP sponsorship partners, in their own words.

Technology in Practice

Football is a complex game that is physically and mentally demanding. To help each player perform at his peak, we sought to personalize training. The spatial capabilities of SAP HANA allow us to adjust training for each player by analyzing data on how he behaves in changing situations and different game conditions. We also utilize data generated by sensors embedded in the players’ uniforms and equipment. We use these millions of data points to identify individual players’ strengths and weaknesses, which can be harnessed for both game performance improvement and injury prevention.

“SAP software has transformed our ideas of training, planning, and match preparation as well as our powers of analysis with simple tools that we can work with easily”

Technology in Games

The benefits reaped from our partnership reach far beyond practice. During games, we can extract patterns from a complex set of player metrics, including motion, position, velocity, and heart rate. The thoughtful and careful examination of this data can reveal significant information about players, strategies, and tactics that can influence the outcome of a single goal, an entire game, and even a championship season. Thanks to these innovative technology solutions, we can make in-game adjustments with greater confidence and precision.

Our future goals do not have any less emphasis on innovation. Aside from continuing to use sensors to collect and analyze performance attributes, our coaches and trainers want to expand our analytics capabilities and apply them to new uses such as talent scouting and game strategy. SAP will help us translate these ideas into a reality, furthering not only our club, but football as a whole.

Technology in Business

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim can also modernize the stadium’s business practices. For instance, SAP provides us with the necessary tools to run our food and beverage kiosks at full speed, utilize a straightforward and reliable point-of-sales system, and obtain a 360-degree view of our revenue in real time.

We can now also tackle a unique business challenge: because we play in a smaller town, our best chance at long-term growth is online commerce in merchandising. By introducing a new online shop that runs on SAP Hybris, our sales in this particular sector increased significantly – by over a 100% in just the first year.

This partnership has allowed us to innovate far beyond what we had imagined a few years ago.  We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the football community and could not have asked for a better teammate than SAP.

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