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Creating Simple, Scalable HCM Solutions for Mid-Market Customers

Life is fast paced and ever changing, everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and for that reason, good friends are absolutely invaluable. That’s why people ideally surround themselves with individuals who can help them think through challenges, provide solutions, and bring out the best version of themselves.

Think about your most reliable friends, your support network, for a second. Wouldn’t you agree that a good friend can make all the difference when you need support in handling a tough situation or a big life event, or the encouragement to move in a new direction in your life?

If a quality support network is so important to your personal life, why would it be any different in business?

At SAP, we’re actively trying to change the way people do business. In an industry obsessed with personal growth, we’re trying to spread it around. We’ve invested in a business model where our success is directly linked to that of our partner ecosystem — we want to do our very best for them because when they win, we all do.

Working in collaboration with our partners, we at SAP are lucky enough to work with some of the best and brightest companies in the world, across 25 industry verticals and beyond. We take immense pride in providing products and services that increase speed and efficiency while also freeing up more time to do whatever it is they do best, whether that’s financial services or farming.

At the same time, we want to arm our partners with all the tools and best practices they need to best support customers. This is especially true when working with small-to-midsize companies that may not have the resources, time, or funds to stretch to full-blown or lengthy implementations. Often, some SMEs aren’t event completely aware of what they want until they try it, so they seek advice and support from our partners.

That’s why we launched the new SAP SuccessFactors partners packaged solutions, to help our partners to create simple, pre-configured, affordable, scalable HCM solutions for mid-market customers. This offering empowers partners to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and best practices they’ve built up from implementing SAP SuccessFactors solutions, to create their own unique packaged solutions that they are able to deliver much faster and more cost-effectively in order to meet the needs of SMEs.

The package will include much of the functionality a growing HR department may need – from core HR (SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central) to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting or SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals to SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development and SAP SuccessFactors Compensation. Wrapped around this will be other value-add benefits, including possible finance options, to make it more accessible to the SME. This helps make it even easier for partners to identify and deploy best-in-class tools to their customers, simply and affordably, with a better time-to-value. And for mid-market customers, they get access to world-class HCM solutions that could otherwise been unattainable.

We have already begun rolling it out to some of our most trusted partners — 30 of them across EMEA and MEE — with some very exciting results. Our partners tell us that the new packaged-solutions are opening the doors to many more SMEs and giving them the chance to benefit from world-class HCM solutions to grow their business.

When our customers and partners win, so do we — that’s why we’re keeping that sentiment at the core of this new offering and many more to come.

Cathy Daum is senior vice president of Global GC & GB Cloud Sales & Solutions at SAP

via SAP News Center

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