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Driving Insights Across Your Manufacturing Processes with SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights

In today’s global manufacturing environment, we are seeing increased challenges in:

  • Enabling uniform performance, governance and benchmarking due to the lack of well-defined and comparable key performance indicators (KPIs) within and across plants
  • Achieving global transparency across multiple diverse systems, making it difficult to integrate and analyze results to derive insights
  • Delayed decision making due to latency in global data capture, time consuming analysis and slower implementation of corrective action at global and local levels

Introducing SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights is a centralized, cloud-based, data-driven manufacturing performance management solution which enables key stakeholders of manufacturing operations to make both tactical and strategic decisions that help companies achieve best-in-class manufacturing performance.

Enabling a centralized solution to analyze manufacturing performance within and across manufacturing plants of an enterprise, data can be acquired and harmonized from multiple disparate manufacturing applications. By leveraging pre-configured industry standard manufacturing KPIs and providing the flexibility to extend or create new KPIs, you can take advantage of advanced algorithms for root cause analysis of quality defects, pattern detection and prescriptive suggestions for continuous manufacturing performance improvement.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights complements and extends SAP’s existing on premise solution portfolio for digital manufacturing by bringing our solution footprint to the cloud. This new, cloud-based offering provides real-time, end-to-end visibility and manufacturing operations, physically connected assets, as well as production efficiency in one easy and scalable solution.

This configurable solution empowers key stakeholders with:

  • Intuitive and pre-configured analytics to assess global and plant level manufacturing performance and associated causes.
  • Improved visibility and reporting consistency through seamless integration with multiple systems and standard based interfaces to acquire data from different manufacturing operations systems and automation systems.
  • Faster insights to action through expedited problem analysis for continuous improvement through advanced algorithms and machine learning

To learn more, check out SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights through SAP Solution Explorer.

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