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Kickstart IoT Projects with SAP IoT Application Enablement, Now Available as Pay-As-You-Go Option on SAP Store

The world is increasingly more connected, thanks to exponential technology advances, including the Internet of Things (IoT), impacting our lives at work and home.

Research firm Gartner predicts there will be 20 billion of these “things” by the end of 2020.  In addition, Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2020, €250B ($267B) will be spent on IoT technologies, products and services (Source: Forbes, Jan. 29, 2017). Remote access and intelligent interoperability of disparate devices and systems across a data network is expected to automate technology solutions in every major field and improve efficiency and economic value via reduced human intervention.

SAP is fully committed to delivering solutions that harness IoT, having announced plans to invest €2 billion over five years to help business and government entities benefit from the proliferation of sensors, smart devices and Big Data that is transforming business with IoT. And we responded further by announcing SAP Leonardo at SAPPHIRE NOW in May.

Kick-Off IoT Projects With SAP IoT Application Enablement, Express edition Via Pay-As-You-Go Model at SAP Store

Underscoring its commitment to connecting the world to enable live business, SAP today announced a new IoT offering: SAP IoT Application Enablement, express edition, now available for seamless, low-touch, digital purchase via a credit card at SAP Store. Part of the SAP Leonardo foundation, it allows customers and developers to build and pilot IoT applications that they can scale quickly through a consumption-based pricing model. Powered by SAP Cloud Platform, SAP IoT Application Enablement delivers powerful microservices that allow other systems to retrieve enriched, digital-twin data including business semantics, hierarchy data, product master data and customer contract documentation.

SAP IoT Application Enablement, express edition, bridges the gap between IoT technology and business applications to create new IoT-enabled services. It is nearly the same as the standard edition, but with simplified pricing for customers to purchase it via the SAP Store with minimal investment. This is the first pay-as-you-go option for an SAP Leonardo offering, with pricing more favorable for simple projects. It has a hybrid pricing model, with two key components:

  • Minimum commitment: 5 euros per 1 million data streams for minimum committed volume of 400 million data streams per month
  • Pay-as-you-go: 7 euros per 1 million data streams used beyond the minimum committed volume.

Harnessing the Power of Things to Build, Enable, Act

With SAP IoT Application Enablement, users can create an enhanced digital twin of a business asset, combining sensor data with business information and contextual information, resulting in improved visibility and control. It includes the following three key classes of functionality: development environment and tools, microservices and smart data storage, and integration to business processes and applications. This allows developers to focus on design instead of coding, helping them create new applications in less time.

SAP IoT Application Enablement, express edition, delivers the powerful microservices and development tools to build and enable IoT applications – users can start creating a product in less than a day from when they purchase on SAP Store. Then, they can act by connecting those applications to their business processes. Specifically, users can:

  • Build IoT applications with scale and consistency to achieve value faster
  • Enable applications with business semantics and automatic, dynamic, big data storage to provide deep insights at affordable costs
  • Act on insights by integrating with IoT applications from SAP and its partner ecosystem to realize digital transformation across all industries

Use Case Example

Developers who want to start their journey exploring IoT without making a large, upfront financial commitment, can now go to SAP Store and purchase access to the express edition of SAP IoT Application Enablement in a pay-as-you-go manner – seamlessly with their credit card. Take for example a global technology and solution provider serving the construction industry. They have built an IoT solution using SAP IoT Application Enablement to gather, measure and visualize volumes of sensor and meta data about the usage and geo-location of their machine equipment, and integrated it with their CRM and ERP master data to seamlessly map their machines to business information. Their solution involves remote equipment monitoring, alerts and advisory services to reduce operational costs.

Embedded sensors, processors, software and connectivity in products, coupled with a product cloud in which “things” usage data is stored, analyzed and integrated with other relevant applications, are driving dramatic improvements in product functionality and performance. Massive amounts of new product-usage data enable many of those improvements. By better monitoring, managing and controlling their equipment, companies can optimize their performance and transform your business.

The possibilities and new innovations to come from IoT sensors and internet connections is mind-bending. SAP is here to help customers create end-to-end solutions that deliver new business value. For more information on or to purchase SAP IoT Application Enablement, express edition, please visit

Gaurav Jaiswal is vice president and head of Digital Portfolio & Customer Success for SAP Digital Commerce

via SAP News Center

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