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SAP HANA, Esri ArcGIS Combine for Quick Geospatial Data Insights

Organizations of all types and sizes can now take advantage geospatial data, gleaning immediate insights by bringing together location data and business data.

This is a game-changer, as it can impact everything including enterprise asset management, risk management, new customer prospecting and creating new business models. The ramifications are enormous for innovations in disaster management, predictive modeling in property and casualty insurance, agriculture, smart city management, and many more.

The technology that enables this transformational capability is possible through an integration between SAP HANA and Esri ArcGIS. SAP and Esri provide the platforms, applications, and ecosystems necessary to help organizations leverage the power of location to uncover new insights from business, social, and sensor data. Armed with this ability, people can work more efficiently, and organizations can reveal new revenue opportunities and realize significant cost savings.

Together, SAP and Esri cover the breadth and depth of geo-enabled business processes needed by organizations of all sizes and across all industries, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for multiple business or geospatial systems. Developers can extend those applications or create entirely new ones that work easily within the SAP and Esri environments.*

Starting July 10, 2017, SAP and Esri are jointly offering a free trial promotion to enable companies to reach this new level of insight. The offer consists of SAP HANA,  express edition, as well as ArcGIS Pro, including access to ArcGIS Online and sample Esri Tapestry segmentation data, which classifies US residential neighborhoods into 67 unique demographic and socioeconomic data segments.

Sign up for the SAP HANA, express edition, and
Esri ArcGIS Pro Free Trial Now!

Customers that take advantage of this great joint free trial between July 10 and August 10 are eligible to receive a 50 percent discount on the cost of SAP HANA, express edition when they upgrade from the free edition (32GB RAM).  Customers will also receive two days of free SAP HANA expert consulting with all purchases!  Click here to learn more.

One organization using both SAP and Esri technology is the City of Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town’s Emergency Policing and Incident Command (EPIC) program is the City’s first-ever, fully integrated Public Safety and Emergency Management Suite running on SAP HANA. The City of Cape Town developed the EPIC program using the expertise of EOH, the largest technology services provider in Africa. The program leverages both SAP HANA and Esri technology along with real-time spatial mapping to integrate the six emergency and policing services onto one common platform, facilitating collaboration and coordination across the multiple agencies.

The program has been so successful and innovative that it received the Gold Winner award in the Innovation category at the SAP Quality Awards, Africa 2016, and the City’s solution provider, EOH, recently won the SAP HANA Innovation Award at SAP Sapphire 2017 for its delivery of the EPIC solution. More about the EPIC solution and City of Cape Town can be found here.

Interested in learning more?

  • Read the SAP and Esri joint solution brief
  • Watch SAP and Esri leadership discuss the importance of the SAP and Esri partnership in this video:

ESRI User Conference: July 10-14, 2017

SAP will showcase its solutions that benefit Esri customers at the Esri User Conference in San Diego from July 10-14, 2017. Attending Esri UC?  Visit to learn more about planned SAP special interest groups, sessions, exhibit hall events, or to schedule a meeting with an SAP spatial expert.

*SAP HANA, express edition (HXE) is a streamlined version of the SAP HANA platform for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications that can run on laptops, PCs, and other resource-constrained hosts, such as a cloud-hosted virtual machine. It’s even possible to store, process, and visualize geodata within SAP HANA. Users can also perform operations like distance calculations and determine union and intersection of multiple objects. In addition, users can integrate geodata with other structured data.

ArcGIS Pro is Esri’s next-generation desktop GIS application that provides professional 2D and 3D mapping in an intuitive interface. ArcGIS Pro is the foundation of the ArcGIS platform that enables users to create beautiful maps and meaningful geographic services that can be printed, shared as Web services, or integrated with other platforms. Its powerful software development kit (SDK) enables ArcGIS Pro to be customized and focused on customer and organizational workflows.

This story originally appeared on the SAP HANA Blog.

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