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Three Ways SAP Leonardo Brings Refreshing Innovations to Life

After 300 coolers never made it to their supermarket destinations, decision-makers at a global consumer beverage company knew they had to do much more than just solve this mysterious disappearance.

They turned to the experts at the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, enterprise edition, to develop a point-of-sale strategy using the latest innovations from the SAP Leonardo portfolio, including IoT and mobile, on SAP Cloud Platform for business advantage. The targeted prototyping, services, and empowerment the company’s IT team walked away with opened a whole new world of innovations.

Practical, Creative Guidance Accelerates Innovation

The beverage company’s experience is not unique. By 2020, IDC research predicts 50 percent of Global 2000 companies will find the majority of their business depends on their ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services and experiences. But along with innovations, people need expert guidance in how to use them for business outcomes that deliver real competitive advantage. This is where SAP Leonardo Innovation Services comes in, providing hands-on guidance that accelerates innovation.

“It’s not enough to offer customers the next bright, shiny innovation,” said Meinolf Kaimann, Vice President and Global Head of Value Assurance and PE Product Management at SAP. “SAP Leonardo Innovation Services guides customers through the entire creative process of how to bring their ideas to life using the latest SAP solutions for business benefit.”

Depending on which edition of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services they select, customers receive a range of tools, expertise and technology, including direct access to SAP Cloud Platform and important digital services like machine learning, IoT and integration. According to Kaimann, this makes it easy for customers to innovate quickly on SAP Cloud Platform so they can integrate real-time data from both SAP and non-SAP solutions for better decision-making that achieves growth objectives – and heads off unpleasant surprises, like lost coolers or warm beverages.

SAP Leonardo Innovation Services guide customers through the entire creative process of bringing ideas to life

Get Inspired in the Showroom

People who aren’t certain of where to begin can enter the virtual showroom of the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services to watch video demos,  access coding samples, and discover proven use cases including those from SAP Model Company services. The purpose is to see how other organizations are co-innovating quickly on SAP Cloud Platform, and walk away with valuable ideas.

“Leading companies are digitalizing processes using innovations like internet of things and machine learning to power new products, services and business models,” said Kaimann. “Visitors of the showroom can see exactly how other organizations are gaining value from these SAP investments. They gain practical advice for solving daily struggles, as well as achieving long term business objectives and in some cases, industry transformation.”

Design Thinking for Fast Prototyping

The digital design zone connects people from both the business and IT with Design Thinking experts for inspiration in creative spaces, including SAP AppHaus communities. They can target specific scenarios for improvement to address their biggest business challenges. Collaborating with designers, they can quickly iterate a clickable proof of concept or prototype to share with decision-makers, speeding up the development of marketable solutions. This is precisely what the people from the consumer beverage company did.

“The customer needed to make sure its coolers in supermarkets were in the right place and at the right temperature,” said Kaimann. “We quickly prototyped a cooler design featuring sensors with GPS tracking and temperature measurement. The customer now knows where its coolers are, and receives automatic alerts to trigger support and workflows when temperatures reach a designated threshold. Connecting alerts with support tickets allows the company to better manage costly service calls while meeting retailer expectations.”

The solution to the beverage company’s problem consisted of pre-configured services ─ IoT-enablement, mobile and SAP cloud integration ─ built on top of SAP Cloud Platform.

Empowerment Educates

To take innovation over the finish line, IT teams may need to strengthen their understanding of the SAP Cloud platform and solutions. They can receive this kind of empowerment from SAP Leonardo Innovation Services with a blend of expert-led training courses and hands-on experiences. Courses cover everything an innovator needs to know including an overview of SAP Cloud Platform, mobile development using SAP Fiori, integration and security. The IT team from the beverage company was particularly focused on integrating data with its SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution.

“Customers are very interested in understanding what IoT devices they can connect using SAP Cloud Platform, in addition to our template coding workshops where they learn how to easily accelerate innovation,” said Kaimann.

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